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Illuminator Commercial 400W
Illuminator Commercial 400W
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Our Price: $999.00
Warranty: 3 - Year
Guarantee: 90 Day Risk-Free Trial
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NEW Illuminator Commercial 400W

Finally completed, our new 2015 model is ready! After years of development, we have tested this model for over a year now thru 4 full rounds of testing, we have concluded the following for the potential of this new design. This 400W model is perfect for growing 3 medium/large plant (5'-6') tall, and vegged for 25-28 days. We had consistent results of 8 ozs. dry weight per plant (1.5 lbs. total) from a medium yielding strain (sour diesel). We also were able to grow 1 Large plants (6'-7') tall, vegged for 25-28 days with a final dry weight of 1.2 lbs.. In order to achieve these type of results, we had specific criteria to adhere to. We used Botanicare Coco Coir, grew at constant 83-85 degree temps and humidity levels of 40%. Air exchange needs to be done 4X per hour for best results. If you're interested in a consultation, please call us at 866-921-5553.

Commercial LED Grow Lights** Breaking News **
Check out this Commercial Grow
using ProSource LED Grow Lights!

With the development of "Peak Targeting", Full Spectrum Technology, our 5-Band System targets ALL peak efficiency values. We have also developed "Intelligent" Balancing that allows our 5-Band system to be scientifically balanced to provide the proper photosynthetic proportions to power these specific peak bands. For Example, Chlorophyll A, which is responsible for most of a plant's photosynthesis, if given too few of the allocation, will not achieve peak photosynthesis. If you provide too much, Chlorophyll A begins to shut down from overload, while other photosynthetic elements starve due to the under-allocated crucial LED Bands.

With the development of a 5-Band Tri-Spectrum design, we can deliver over 95% absorbable light to your plants using the key spectra of Red, Blue, and Infrared. The key wavelengths and design applications is what makes this configuration work so well and this is what other LED Grow Lights on the market will find very difficult to duplicate.


  1. For indoor growers, the amount of energy consumption is of great concern for most. At 400W of power, this is like having an extra TV on and would account for a small amount of total electric bill.
  2. The HEAT signature problem is no longer an issue with this LED Grow Light.. Say goodbye to any of those worries....
  3. The Yield.....This is pretty much what it's all about right? Well the output of our 400W Illuminator Commercial Grow Light is equivalent to a 1000W HID. Now we're not saying that the 400W Commercial emits more Lumens output than a 1000W HID, but to state that the Illuminator Commercial emits the same amount of absorbable light as a 1000W HID and it is this ability to only emit key absorbable light that your plants are able to use that makes it possible to achieve the parity results with an HID at just a fraction of the wattage. Lumens output is not a key factor in determining plant growth, it is the ability of the plants to absorb and transform the light energy into photosynthesis and which wavelengths are to be used to achieve those key absorption points. Lumens are a common measure of output that is used to measure the intensity of HID Lighting, but really has no direct bearing on determining plant growth. Remember that over 85% of the light emitted from an HID Light is waisted in the form of non-absorbable light waves as well as heat energy.
  4. The HID Bulbs are only good for 2 cycles before you see the yield start to diminish. That means you have to buy new bulbs every 2 cycles. They aren't cheap either! The lifecycle for the 400W Illuminator Commercial is for 50,000 hours - that's nearly 10 years if you use 14 hour cycles on average. That pays for itself many times over.
  5. No Ballast required, No thermal footprint, No bulbs to replace, No maintenance costs.

Hydroponics, Horticulture, Greenhouse Lighting, etc

Product Specifications:
  • 80% more energy efficient than Metal Halide or HPS lamps
  • No bulbs to replace, no maintenance expenses
  • Any indoor growing method: hydroponics, aeroponics, soil
  • Discreet - No thermal footprint
  • No additional cooling equipment required
  • Safe to operate - no exploding bulbs and they will not burn plants
  • Dimensions: 22"X3"
  • Comes equipped with built-in cooling fans
  • Weighs only 19 lbs - no ballast required
  • 50,000+ hour life cycle
  • Environmentally Safe - contains no hazardous materials
  • CE and ROHS Compliant
  • Three year warranty
Technical Specifications:
  • Approved for 24 hour use
  • Output Power: 392 Watt - 3.2 AMPS
  • Operating Temperature: -4F to +104F (-20C to +40C)
  • Voltage: 110v US / 220v European
  • Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Beam Angle: Varying Degree Angle
  • Wavelengths Or Tck: Red 662+, Infrared, Blue
  • Color Spectra: Red, Infrared, and Blue
Installation Recommendations:

The following are recommendations for hanging your light and the area it will cover. Since no two gardens are exactly alike, we suggest you experiment with variations in the distance from your plants and your total grow area to see what works best for you.

Important Note: Too much light will cause serious damage to seedlings and young plants! Plants at the earliest stages of development must be placed the farthest distances from the light.

Vegetative Growth

Model Light Distance from Plants Maximum Area Light Footprint
90W 12" - 24" 16 sq. ft. 4' x 4'
180W 12" - 36" 25 sq. ft. 5' x 5'
350W 18" - 48" 30 sq. ft. 6' x 5'
700W 24" - 60" 63 sq. ft. 9' x 7'

Flowering & Fruiting

Model Light Distance from Plants Maximum Area Light Footprint
90W 6" or closer 4 sq. ft. 2' x 2'
180W 6" - 18" 9 sq. ft. 3' x 3'
350W 6" - 18" 16 sq. ft. 4' x 4'
700W 10" - 18" 24 sq. ft. 6' x 4'

Please let us know if you are interested in a volume discount...

Package is sent in a plain brown box with no product description for your privacy concerns.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
90W & 350W December 7, 2012
Reviewer: Pat D from Lexington, SC United States  
I own 2 of the 90W and 2 of the 350W.  Had them for over two years.  The only problem was to make sure the temp is warm enough in the cold months.  They work great.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Spectacular - if you can afford $ July 22, 2012
Reviewer: Paul Allens Beard from Vancouver, WA United States  
Watt for watt the same as HPS, two 350 watt LED panels will get the same if not better than an equal HPS watt setup, I've seen the comparison. Plus you can not beat low heat in the summer, the plants love the spectrum of light I have heard people say they are only good for Veg, let me tell you this the technology has finally caught up folks, if you can afford the initial investment it is well worth it.

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  27 of 27 people found the following review helpful:
Outstanding growth August 12, 2009
Reviewer: David from Indi  
This was really an amazing grow with the 350W unit, saw daily differences in flowering, I didn't have the 350W 5-Band but for only the last 6 weeks of flowering cycle.  First 2 weeks was with 400W HPS and the cycle went terrifice, really massive colas and full all the way to the bottom.  What a light!

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  5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Impressed Big Time June 25, 2009
Reviewer: Warren from Huntington  
I've had your 350W Hybrid for about 3 months now and it's unbelievable.  Everyone says the flowering with the LED's is not too good but I heard you had the new technology and I wanted to give it a shot.  To all those out there who are shopping around for LED Grow Lights, stop looking, Prosource has the product that works very well for Flowering and you shouldn't go anywhere but there.  Don't waiste your money on those other fly by night operations and go with a company that stands behind their products.

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  6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Comparison Test June 5, 2009
Reviewer: Dan from MI  
I will be converting my entire operation to LED's, which will consist of some 60 plus lights and I wanted to see what the differences are between the LED Lights on the market.  I purchased from 4 other companies and i ran the veg and flowring cycles and your light beat the rest hands down.  You won my business and I look forward to finally going to an all LED Setup.

Was this review helpful to you?

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